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Connect with your investors.

Big or small we’ll help you create an investor site that meets your investors’ needs, encourages investment and of course meets regulatory requirements.


IR websites

BAE Systems

Capability and service you can trust

If you're a global defence, aerospace and security company employing more than 80,000 people worldwide, you need to know that the investor relations section of your website is in safe hands.

We work with BAE Systems to ensure that their IR section is not just seamlessly integrated into the rest of their corporate website, but also managed, safeguarded and supported 24 hours a day. We also ensure their IR communications are as engaging as possible to investors and other stakeholders, including through the IR app.

We have a very good working relationship with the team at Investis - they always respond quickly with our website and app requirements and can be trusted to deliver on time and within budget

Matomy Media Group

Do investor relations pages have to be boring? Not unless you are.

Matomy Media Group is a leading digital performance-based advertising company.

They operate in one of the most exciting and fastest-growing markets in the world, and they want to reach all their audiences in ways that reflect their dynamic and outward-looking personality. A key audience is investors - and Matomy are showing that you can give investors and analysts all the essential information they need while still communicating the energy and drive behind your business.

Together, we created Matomy's investor site, bringing together the data tools, financial news and key documents that tell investors where Matomy is going - in a way that shows them how they're getting there.

We wanted an investor relations site that really reflected our personality as a business and helped us tell the unique story of our business. We came to Investis because of their expertise and track record - and came away delighted with their creativity and willingness to understand the energy behind our business.


Everything you need

From super-engaging, media rich to small budget best-in-class sites we’ll guide and support you through every stage of planning, creating and managing your website. Helping you to build meaningful, lasting connections with your audience to tell your story, meet the needs of your stakeholders and of course, satisfy regulatory requirements.


Refined process

From extensive stakeholder engagement programmes to a simple kick-off meeting with just you in the room, we'll make sure we get the information needed to create the best solution for you.

We're the only company that use real insight into which organisations: shareholders, the media, NGO's, regulators, even activist investors are using your site, and what they are interested in.

You might think that's an unfair advantage. We'd agree.

Once our plans are in place we'll work with you to create everything needed to get you live. Walking you through the design and content creation process so you can be sure your site is a beacon for your brand and engages your audience

We'll work with you to create everything needed to to move from a plan to a live site. Walking you through the design and content creation process so you can be sure your site is a beacon for your brand.


Always fresh

We’ll help you stay fresh by always being on hand to update your site when you’ve got more important things to do

Enjoy our mixed model approach to managing their site. Choose which updates you make, and which we make for you. And because we’re here 24 hours, 7 days of the week you can be confident that no matter what happens, your digital channels will always be up to date and ready for anything.

But managing your site isn’t just about routine updates. You need to make sure its constantly evolving so that your brand continues to stand out, and your audience stays happy.

Our team will analyse how your site’s being used, and who’s using it. Helping you to weed out pages that are underperforming and focussing resources on areas that need improvement. Of course they’ll also keep you up to date with evolving best-practices and the latest technologies.


Always secure

Be confident that you’re using the very best cloud-based corporate communications technology.

More than just a publishing system, it actively helps you to communicate with, engage and understand your audience. In fact it’s the only platform that allows you to see which organisations are looking at your site and what they’re interested in.

Let’s start with the basics. You can publish your own content and preview it before it goes live so you have absolute confidence its right first time.

You can choose to publish content when you want, and work together using workflow that limits who can do what on each part of your site. Oh, and publication isn’t just for your site, you can publish content to your apps, social channels and interactive tools too. And because we know just how important your corporate digital channels are, there is a full audit trail of who published what, when. And yes, that does include your social channels too!

To discover more about our amazing platform and unique audience intelligence service request a demo today.


Broadcast to your audience



The simple way to take control of your digital channels – web, social and apps. myInvestis gives you the power to work together with people across your organisation to communicate with, engage and understand your digital audience.

Communicate across channel

Create, edit and publish content when you want using our simple, but powerful, editing tools using tailor-made templates so you can be sure to get the right look first time. Confident that you can check how your site updates will look across multiple devices, before you publish.

Oh, and publication isn't just for your site, you can publish content to your apps, social channels and interactive tools too.

Collaborate with ease

Control who can publish to which channels and work together using workflow that limits who can do what – create, review or publish.   And because we know just how important your corporate digital channels are, there is a full audit trail of who published what, when including your social channels.

Understand your audience

From customers to investors, journalists and regulators see who is looking at your website. No longer just anonymous visitors see which real-world organisations are interested in you – what they're reading, and what they're searching for. Combined with 'traditional' analytics and built-in social and news monitoring you'll truly understand your audience.


Audience Insight

Identify, monitor and understand your audience with a unique combination of 'traditional' web analytics, social monitoring and organisational corporate audience intelligence. Always available through myInvestis and our new App you'll always have the latest stats and insight so you can monitor the impact of news, anticipate activism and actively manage your reputation.

Audience Intelligence

From customers to investors, journalists and regulators see who is looking at your website. No longer just anonymous visitors see which real-world organisations are interested in you – what they're reading, and what they're searching for.  Our unique database of more than 250,000 organisations provides invaluable insights for marketers, investor teams, corporate communicators – everyone in your organisation that want to know who's interested in you, and what you're saying.

Web and app analytics

Everyone likes to monitor how much their website and other digital channels are used. We combine traditional analytics with benchmarks against similar sized companies, and built-in tracking of traffic patterns against share price data and news publication to give deeper insight into how the real world and digital world collide.

News and social monitoring

Be the first to hear the good or bad that's been said about your organisation. We monitor over 250,000 media outlets, forums, blogs and Twitter to see who's saying what about you, measure sentiment and identify influencers. So if you want to clamp down on a malicious rumour or amplify the glory you can act and take control of your reputation.


Make more of your report

Make more of your annual and sustainability reports by embedding their content into key sections of your website.




Bringing a new vision of sustainability reporting to life

The world's leading steel and mining company came to us with a vision: a new way of reporting which focuses on the key sustainability outcomes that will create value for others and themselves.

We helped them bring that vision to life for their stakeholders, drawing visitors to their online report into an engagement with ArcelorMittal's world and the contribution they're making to the future.

We provided strategic and technical reporting guidance and created a completely new visual identity for their sustainability programme with a flexible, illustrated reporting design which has applications across all their channels, and used the PDF design and a Teaser document to encourage stakeholders online. We also created an animated video narrated by the CR Team Manager which introduces the new reporting approach and why it has been implemented. A web first approach to copy, interactive charting and video content has attracted 30% more traffic than in previous years - and you can see why here.


Increase readership.

Embedding your report’s content increases readership throughout the year.

As a public company you no doubt spend considerable time and effort creating your annual report. But if online you are only providing a PDF, or have invested in a report microsite, you are missing the digital opportunity.

Our research shows that annual report PDFs are read by only 2% of IR site visitors, with very little interest after their initial publication. But by embedding your report narrative into your site not only is readership significantly increased; investors return to access this key content throughout the year.

Of course the same is true for sustainability reports. In fact, we’re increasingly working with companies on digital-first sustainability reporting using video, animation and interactive features to engage their broad external audience from NGOs and regulators to communities and potential employees.

Embedding your report content has the added benefit that you can see exactly which organisations are interested in what you have to say through the myInvestis publication and insight portal.

So if you want to get more out of your annual report or sustainability report, start thinking about embedding it now.


Share price

Excellence comes as standard.

Share price charts and tools for all the major exchanges and main electronic trading platforms.

It really isn’t a corporate site without a share price so we take this site must-have very seriously.

From basic share price feeds to our latest share price centre, packed full of features to analyse current and historical share performance, our tools lead the market. And because all of our tools are fully responsive your audience can stay up to date throughout their day on their mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Designed, built and fully managed by our team you can always be confident that our share price tools will deliver, and will keep you ahead through our on-going development roadmap. All of our tools including share price charts and feeds are available stand-alone or packaged as part of an Investis hosted website and are integrated across our app range.

And because our share price tools are part of our technology platform you have the added benefit of seeing exactly which organisations are using them through the myInvestis publication and insight portal.

The share price centre – advanced share price charting for your website

Current and historical share price charting with extensive comparator options and integrated news feeds

Core features:

  • Interactive chart with dynamic data overlay
  • Detailed share information table
  • Table of latest trades
  • Order depth information
  • Historical data
  • Displays multiple indices

Advanced features

  • Current position in relation to intraday high and low
  • Graph scaling options – absolute, relative, and index to 100
  • Option to plot additional data on chart including press releases, dividends and regulatory news
  • Plot stock performance against peers, total shareholder returns and stock performance across exchanges
  • Easy social media sharing

Why not resize this page or check it out on your mobile phone to see how our great responsive design approach always gives a great experience no matter the screen size.



Worry-free news feeds.

Fully automated regulatory news and SEC filings

With our fully automated news feeds and tools you’ll never have to worry about updating the regulatory news on your website. And with comprehensive filter-and-search capabilities not only will you meet your regulatory requirements; your audience will appreciate instant access to the news they want.

Designed, built and fully managed by our team you can always be confident that our news feeds won’t let you down. All our tools including regulatory news are available standalone or packaged as part of an Investis-hosted website. Regulatory and other news feeds are also available across our app range.

Our news feeds and tools are part of our technology platform so you have the added benefit of seeing exactly which organisations are interested in your news feed and which headlines are grabbing their attention. Find out more about our unique publication and insight portal myInvestis


Connect with your audience.

Video and audio webcasting is a great way to reach out to your stakeholders or employees wherever they are.



XL Catlin

Bringing people together

When you want to keep a sense of shared connection and culture in a business that is global in scope, you need to find ways to bring people together. We helped global underwriter and reinsurer XL Catlin strengthen their sense of group identity and enhance their ability to communicate through our in-house and fully-managed webcasting service.

We deliver well-managed events which can be live-streamed for global audiences wherever they're needed, and available on demand, keeping everyone in the loop. And because we can manage everything - we've developed our own in-house player, an experienced webcasting team, and the technical expertise to ensure a fully-integrated set of links - we gave XL Catlin the freedom to make the most of webcasting's potential to keep their leadership team accessible and their corporate culture in good health.

Our business has a strong culture with people at its heart - and to keep it strong, we like to make connecting as easy as possible. Investis offer a one-stop-shop for excellent webcasting services - their team took on everything, leaving us free to connect.


Audio and Video Webcasting

We’ll take the strain and ensure your event, large or small, goes smoothly.

Why webcast?

Explain your financial results to your international investors, connect with your global workforce or humanise your corporation during a crisis.

A video or audio webcast extends your live event to your audience wherever they are.

How it works?

We understand that organising a live event is stressful so our team will proactively manage every aspect of your event so you can focus on what you’re going to say.

Our approach to webcasting is simple – there’s no second chance so plan for everything and anything. We’ll project-manage the event with you, book equipment and crew, and carry out an on-site check ensuring the right internet connectivity is in place.

Of course we’ll also fully test all the equipment and your bespoke designed webcast player before going live. We’ll even have one of our overseas offices monitor the live stream to ensure all is running smoothly.

Once your event is over we then prepare the on-demand webcast for those that missed out on the live event.

We deliver webcasts using Investis Live, which is part of our technology platform so you can access detailed analytics of who attended and who asked questions through our myInvestis portal.

Why should you use Investis for your webcasting?

We have a large and highly experienced in-house team committed to delivering great customer service

We work for many of the largest and most well-known companies around the world who trust us to deliver every time

Our webcasting player is fully responsive, ensuring a great user experience on all devices

Our unique analytics interface ensures you know who watched and when

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