29 / 03 / 2012

The so called cookie rules which were due to have been introduced in 2011, are due to become effective in May. Updated guidance has been published by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The background to this is that the European Commission’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive required EU governments to introduce rules requiring consent to obtain cookies. This was introduced in May 2011 in the UK.

When these rules were introduced in 2011, the ICO made it clear that it would be unlikely to take action against who were introducing their compliance during the following 12 months – ending in May.

So from that date, complaints may be made to the ICO and those organisations responsible for setting and storing cookies will need to be able to demonstrate that they have taken ‘measured, sensible action to move to compliance’. 

We are recommending an obvious link at the top of your website to indicate how cookies are used on your website and how the user can disable them on their own machine if they object to cookies. Further information will be coming from your Account Manager over the course of the next month...